09/18/2016 Night Fishing trip, Taneycomo

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Night Fishing trip, Taneycomo

My night fishing report is something of an embarrassment and I’d not say anything except I made a big deal out of changing the fishing trip. We got in the water about 8:45pm. Mist was on the water, stars were clearly visible. Hundreds of adult midges around the lights of the pavilion. One fisherman, a guy from Tulsa, was there still fishing and commented how the “gnats” were driving him crazy out on the water. Three guys from Idaho were leaving. Tulsa was nymph fishing with a lighted indicator, first at the outflow and then he moved down near the snag below the rebar hole. I saw his headlight once or twice and then he left.

Harry and I both had some strikes before the moon rose and we each landed a nice brown on dark colored wooly bugger type flies (I’m not sure what to call his fly). Then the moon rose. It was beautiful. No strikes. We started switching up flies, going to lighter colors and some sparkle. Nothing, I noticed a lot of surface action for about 20 minutes. I switched to a big surface fly but nothing was interested. Harry didn’t notice the surface strikes 100 yards upstream. Go figure. Harry switched to a light colored, sparkly clowser fly and landed a nice bow. Wish I had a better story. Wait, Dennis Stead commented how difficult it was to get a night picture of a fish in the net, what with only having two hands to hold the net, the camera, the rod, etc, so I had to prove him wrong. He was right, I got the picture but dropped my rod. No, I didn’t lose it.

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