July 13, 2016, First Great Weekday Fishing Adventure, BSSP

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Great Weekday Fishing Adventure: Bennett Spring State Park July 13, 2016. It was a good day with 11 of us going out to fish. Most of us caught a few fish but Steve Young and Larry Olson showed up the rest of us. Steve was fishing with a black wooly bugger with a gold bead head and grizzly hackle, letting it bounce along the bottom. He caught at least 15 fish. Larry was using a gold bead head pheasant tail with a thorax that was the color of peacock herl and some hackle around the neck on a size 12 hook.
We paused for lunch at the picnic pavilion up by the spring, that was probably the best part of the day: lying and talking about fishing. After lunch, we went fishing again for about an hour before the weather made us think twice about standing in water while holding a graphite lightening rod in the air. Present were: Dennis Stead, Rick Merritt, Steve Young, Larry Olson, David Tucker, Chuck Penland, John Dozier, Keith Coffey, Todd Fecho, Dick Solomon, and me, Bob Randall. We forgot to take pictures.

Dick Solomon adds, “I¬†thought the fishing was real good,,all in all I probably caught over 20. I kept 4 real nice ones. I was at the top of zone one and was fishing my special little white 100 oz jig. When the rain came in I grabbed my rain top and kept fishing until the thunder got too close. The fish went crazy for about 20 min and it was one after another. I set in my camper shell and waited out the rain. I went back in the water to catch my fourth keeper and the bites slowed down, but I caught a keeper and left. I stopped at a honey hole and picked almost a gallon of wild blackberries. Yum yum”

I guess the rest of us should have toughed it out like Dick did.  Bob Randall

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