From Favorite Flies and Their Histories by Mary Orvis Marbury as illustrated by Charles Orvis


Lay down a thread base.

Tie in silver tinsel for the tag. If bi-color tinsel is used, tie in the desired color facing the hook shank. Flip the tinsel as it is wrapped to expose the silver side. Wrap down the bend three or four overlapping wraps, and wrap back up to the body. Tie in, tie off, and clip extra.


Tie in a strand of black wool or yarn. Wrap the body with the yarn. (or dub a black body) Tie off and clip extra.


Optional: strip the “top” side of a black hen hackle, doing so can make wrapping the hackle easier.


Tie in the hackle by the tip and clip off the extra tip.


Wrap the hackle so the fibers flow back toward the hook bend. Pull all the hackle fibers back and wrap over the stem. Tie in, tie off, clip or snap off extra quill (stem).



Wrap head, whip finish, head cement.