From The Basic Manual of Fly -Tying by Fling and Puterbaugh

It’s a wet fly; use an appropriate standard hook (#12 – 20)

Tie in the thread an eye or so behind the eye

Tie in a clump of fibers from a wet fly hackle feather for the tail wrapping from tie-in point to hook bend; tail is length of hook shank; clip butt ends



Take tread to tie-in point
Tie in two Peacock herl wrapping to the tail


Touching wrap the herl back to the tie in point

NOTE: This method leaves a vulnerable body because the herl has no protection. To protect the herl do one of the following:
Leave the tag end of the tie in thread and use it to counter wrap over the herl body



OR Create a herl rope (make a dubbing loop, pull the herl down along the loop, grap with hackle pliers, and twist the herl into the thread loop)


Touching wrap the herl to the tie in point; tie off and clip herl


Tie in the soft wet fly hackle an eye length behind the hook eye; wrap a sparse front hackle; tie off and clip
Method 1 to tie in soft hackle: separate the tip of the feather and pull back the rest of the feather fibers; tie the feather in by the tip (clip tip either before or after tying in); wrap the feather by the stem with hackle pliers; catch in the stem; pull back on all the fibers; wrap head; clip or pull off stem.





Method 2 to tie in soft hackle: clip all the fluff off the feather; clip a few fibers off the new but end to create a “barbed” tie in end; tie in, wrap with hackle pliers; catch in tip; pull back on fibers and wrap the head; snap out the tip.



Whip finish; head cement.