by Christian Andrews

Hook: # 12 – 14 wet hook
Thread: crimson silk (red in demo video)
Rib: narrow gold tinsel
Body: bronze peacock herl
Front hackle: red furnace
Head: crimson silk (red in demo video)


Lay down a thread base; recipe calls for crimson silk; I used red waxed 8/0
Tie in narrow gold tinsel (if you use silver/gold, tie the silver up at the hook bend so that the gold shows when you wrap
Dave Hughes says it’s worth it to weed through the herl to find the bronze strands for the body; oops, I used regular; tie in three or four stands and wrap forward leaving room for the hackle and head; tie off
Wrap three or four ribs over the herl with the tinsel gold side up; tie off
Tie in red furnace hackle; this is a soft hackle wet fly, so the hackle is longer like that on a dry fly; two or three wraps of hackle should do it; tie off the hackle
Tie in a red (crimson silk) head; whip finish; head cement