This fly is from the illustration by Charles Orvis in Favorite Flies and Their Histories (1892) by Mary Orvis Marbury


Hook: #14-18 (in the attached video, tied on #16 wet hook, but could be tied on a dry fly hook as well)
Thread: black silk
Tag: black silk thread
Body: red – dubbing or yarn
Front hackle: Grouse

Tie in thread leaving a tag long enough to use as the rib

Create a slender red body: red yarn or dubbing (was mostly like tied by Mary with red wool)


Wrap the thread tag around the hook at the bend behind the body to create a back tag; then spiral wrap the thread over the body as rib; tie off and clip extra


Tie in a grouse soft hackle feather (here a brown partridge feather was used) an eye length behind the eye; wrap the hackle; tie off, clip stem; to prepare the hackle to tie in, pull off the fluffy fibers from the butt end, grab the feather tip with hackle pliers, pull back the rest of the fibers exposing just the tip, and clip the tip to desired size to tie in



Wrap the head, whip finish, head cement.