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Hook: #10-16 nymph
Thread: Brown
Tail: Pheasant center tail fibers
Body: Pheasant center tail fibers (wound with fine gold wire)
Hackle: Brown or gray partridge

Lay down a thread base

Tie in two fibers from a pheasant tail feather for the tail; hook shank length; tie off, clip butts


Tie in a fine gold wire for the rib


Tie in two (or quantity as needed) fibers from a pheasant tail feather; tie down by the tip end two or so eye lengths behind eye and wrapping to tail (note: these fibers break easily close to the tip, so tie in 1/4 from the tip end); clip off tips; touching wrap fibers toward eye; leave room for the hackle and head; tie off and clip butts



Counter spiral wrap the wire rib over the body; tie off and helicopter or clip


Choose a soft hackle 1.5 hook gape; separate out the tip and pull back on the remaining fibers; tie in by tip; clip tip out; wrap hackle so fibers lean back toward bend; tie off; clip stem


Wrap a thread head; whip finish; head cement