From Fling & Puterbaugh The Basic Manuel of Fly-Tying

Stonefly nymph

Use a 2x or 3x long nymph hook (here #12 streamer/nymph)

Lay down a thread base; create a thread dam at the hook bend

Tie in a leading edge goose quill fiber on each side of the hook shank off the hook bend with tie in wraps on the eye side of the thread dam

Tie in a rubber band starting at midpoint of hook shank to hook bend; stretch the rubber band as it is tied in on top of the shank; wrap the rubber band forward in touching or overlapping wraps; start the wraps with a stretched band releasing tension while wrapping forward to create a tappered body; tie off; clip out extra band

Tie in pheasant or turkey fibers (hook gap width) at mid hook on top of hook shank for wing casing

Tie in dark soft hackle at same location

Dub the hook shank forward to eyes length behind eye with brown dubbing to create the thorax

Spiral wrap the hackle over the dubbing – three wraps; tie off, clip out extra

Pull hackle fibers down and back; fold wing casing forward over thorax and hackle; tie in behind eye; clip extra

Wrap a head; whip finish; head cement