tied by Christian Andrews

Hook: #8-16 nymph / scud
Thread: black
Overrib: gold wire, reverse wrapped
Underrib: brown hackle stem
Body: orange – fur, yarn, dubbing
Hackle: grizzly


Lay down thread base
Tie in gold wire off hook bend for over rib
Strip fibers from a brown hackle feather, tie in the remaining stem off hook bend for under rib
Dub orange fur, yarn, or dubbing for a tapered body about 2/3 up the hook shank; leave room for hackle and head behind hook eye
Wrap body with hackle stem, tie off
Counter wrap body with gold wire, tie off
Tie in and wrap a grizzly hackle collar, two or three wraps should be plenty
Wrap a black thread head
Whip finish and head cement