By Bob Randall on Sunday, January 12th, 2020 in Nature, No Comments

WOTUS: Acronym for Waters of the United States, also known as the Clean Water Act There has been a controversy concerning the definitions of waters under federal jurisdiction for years. The EPA and COE now have a proposal for a new definition. The EPA’s Science Advisory Board has issued a commentary on that proposed rule which is not flattering of the EPA/COE recommendation or of the process. I was going to cut and paste a summary of it for you, but I noticed the part that said that it was a draft and was not to be cited or “quoted”. Oops!

The short of it is that the EPA and Corps are ignoring recognized hydrological science and that the proposed rule falls short of the goal of restoring the Nation’s waters. Specifically, the EPA and Corps ignore the connectivity of ground water to wetlands and adjacent major bodies of water (where you fish).

Note to the Quote Police: Just because I use a few of the same words that the report uses, doesn’t mean I cited or quoted anything. Does it? Bob Randall

You can read the Science Advisory Board’s comment on the proposed rule by clicking HERE.

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