When you look at the Pistol Pete I tied with a tail, it looks like a Woolly Bugger with a Propeller.  Another Pistol Pete that Patti tied looks like a Woolly Worm with a Propeller (Bass Pro shows the Pistol Petes upside down.  So I would think you could add a Propeller to any wet fly.  The issue is with the bead.  Put the large hole of the bead on hook and build a dam with thread between the bead and propeller to stop the bead from going into the Propeller or put the small hole of the bead on hook and build the dam behind the bead gluing it.  Both are glued but I will have to tie more to see what I like best.  The materials are listed in the order that they are tied on.   Fly tied by Dennis Stead with tail – size 10.  The flies tied by Patti Hayes without tail – size 8.


  1. Hook: Tiemco TMC5263
  2. Hook Size:  8, 10
  3. Fly Propeller: Medium – 9/16
  4. Head: Nickel Brass Bead – 4mm – 5/32
  5. Weight: 0.015 lead wire
  6. Thread: UTC-Thread 8/0 or 6/0
  7. Tail: Marabou
  8. Hackle: Color to match
  9. Body: Peacock Herl
  10. Hot Core: Madeira Prism White

Tying Steps

Fishing instructions – Fish on a sinking leader or line and strip.