If you remember, I submitted a variation of Pat Dorsey’s Nuclear Egg. I was not happy with that variation and kept working on it to improve its look.  I wanted it to be a close representation of a trout egg.  The first thing I noticed was the eye in the natural egg.  So my new variation would be called Blood Eye Nuclear Egg.  Above shows you both the dry and wet version.   After tying over 200 eggs, I finally got the desired look.  Yes, there are many steps in tying this egg.  But the number of steps is only to make tying this egg easier for you.   I use a size 12 TMC2457 hook and the finished egg is between size 16 and size 18.  I bought a new hackle gauge to get a more accurate size.  And after the first 150 eggs, I bought a new burner.


  • Hook: TMC2457
  • Hook Sizes: 12
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 white or UTC 70 White
  • Body: McFlyFoam Early Girl or Brite Red (other colors can be used)
  • And Egg Veil Milky White
  • Eye: 6 Strands Embroidery yarn – Red (#326 or other dark red colors)

Tying Steps

Fishing Instructions – The egg/midge combination.  The midge is tied about 14 to 16 inches from the egg, and a small lead weight about 14 to 16 inches above the egg.  Fish it at the edge of fast moving water and stripped back.   A sinking leader or line can also be used.