About 4 years ago, when I started to tie flies, I purchased my first book, The Fisherman’s Handbook of Trout Flies, by Donald Du Bois.  On the cover it stated, “An encyclopedic guide to Wet and Dry flies – including a comprehensive identification list of 5,039 trout fly patterns.  The book was published in 1960 by A. S. Barnes and Company, Inc.

On the illustration page called Fly Tying Table was a unique Fly Tier’s Gauge.  Through my searches and purchases of old fly tying vises, I found an original Du Bois Fly Fisherman’s & Fly Tier’s Gauge, and you guessed it, I just had to purchase it.

What a great Fly Tier’s Gauge.  I thought I would share it with you.   The gauge is aluminum  about 1mm thick, 7 3/16” x 1 ½”.

The instruction sheet that comes with the gauge is the following.  If you see one for sale and the instructions are lost, at least you will have this one to use.

Picture of the Gauge and case it came in.

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Du Bois Fly Fisherman’s & Fly Tier’s Gauge