Created by Larry Olson
Daiichi 1760 2x long sz 8 hook
Sm black nickel cone head
6/0 black uni thread
.025 lead wire
Wooly bugger antron chenille sz med black w/green sparkle
Silly legs : perfectly barred pumpkin
Z – ment glue

  1. Pinch barb and install conehead
  2. Start lead at hook point. Make 15 wraps. Push lead inside cone and coat with z-ment.
  3. Start thread behind lead. Wrap to bend then back over lead to hook eye, then return to bend.
  4. Wrap strand of leg rubber around thread and tie in on top of hook to make 2 tails. 1 in long.
  5. Strip fibers from 4 in piece of chenille and tie in at tail tie in point .wrap 3 turns then secure.
  6. Tie in a single strand of rubber wrapped around thread, on each side to make 4 legs.
  7. Wrap chenille forward to just short of cone and secure.
  8. Wrap strand of rubber leg around thread and tie on top for 2 antenna.
  9. Wrap one turn of chenille behind antenna and cone, tie off and whip finish.
  10. Trim tails to 1in. Legs and antenna  to 3/4 in.

Fish with slow, intermittent, 3 in strips.