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from The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying by Fling & Puterbaugh

Optional to wrap some weighted wire on shank

Lay down thread base

Dub a small lump just before the bend

Tie in two moose mane hairs, one on each side of hook using the dubbed lump to form a V after the hook bend, trim extra hair


Tie in a rib of choice (Peacock herl quill works well)

Tie in yarn over rib and thread wrap both back to the tail (for the Golden use yellow yarn); touching wrap the yarn to the midpoint of the shank building a slight taper; tie off, clip extra


Spiral wrap the rib over the body; tie off; clip extra

Tie in a thin strip of Swiss straw (raffia) flowing over the bend at the halfway point on the top of the hook shank; clip off extra


Tie in a length of dark soft hackle by the butt, dull side to the shank

Dub the thorax thick


Palmer the soft hackle over the the thorax to create legs (three spiral wraps should do); tie off; clip extra


Pull down on the hackle fibers and fold the raffia over the thorax and hackle; thread wrap the raffia behind the eye leaving room for a head

Fold the raffia back over the thorax 3/4 of the way and fold back to the head; tie off; clip extra



Thread wrap a head; whip finish; head cement.