The Thread Jig Head Fly is just about the easiest fly to tie.  If you buy the unpainted jig head hooks, you can have a large variety of colors, painting the heads the color to match our threads.

sam_0150a sam_0151a sam_0153a sam_0155a sam_0156a


  • Hook: Jig Head 1/80, 1/100, 1/128
  • Hook Sizes: 12, 14, 16
  • Thread:  UCT 70 or UNI-Thread 8/0 to match the color.  Because you are only using thread you might want to use thicker threads UTC 140 or UNI-Thread 6/0, 3/0.

Because I paint my jig heads, I like to add an eye.  As you build the body with your thread, build a tapered body.