From Missouri Trout Flys How to Tye and Fish Them by Ed Story

Hook: #16, 18 (scud, nymph, wet)
Thread: cream
Body: light olive dubbing
Wing: 8 dark blue dun hackle fibers
Hackle: 8 brown partridge hackle fibers
Head: color thread with brown marker

Lay down a base of cream thread

Dub a light olive, slightly tapered body; may want to build a thicker thread base behind the eye so the wing lays flat

Prepare V-notched dark blue dun hackle and brown partridge feathers – clip out the feather tip, count the indicated number of fibers on each side of the V, pull the remaining fibers toward the butt of the feather

Tie in the V-notched, dark blue dun, hackle feather with just four fibers on each side of the V behind the eye with the fibers over the body with two loose thread wraps; pull the butt end of the feather forward until the hackle fibers are the length of the body; cinch and add a few tight thread wraps to secure the wing; clip off extra feather



Tie in the V-notched, brown, partridge feather over the wing feather just behind the eye with two loose thread wraps; pull the feather by the butt end through the thread wraps until the fibers are to the hook bend or slightly longer; cinch and add securing wraps; clip off extra feather



Color the thread with brown marker; wrap the head; whip finish; head cement