What? “synBAM” Synthetic Bamboo Rods Printed on a 3-D Printer

That’s right. I couldn’t make that up. Now close your mouth, take a slow, deep breath, count to ten, close your eyes and relax, take your blood pressure, and say “What?” again, only louder.

“synBAM” is the generic name for the resin used by small army of rod-makers who are programming 3D-printers to produce synthetic “bamboo” fly rods.”  “A split-cane rod from a major-name manufacturer can start at $2,500. Split-cane 5-weight rods billed as “affordable” by on-line dealers cost $300 (often with just one tip section, not two). A 5-weight synBAM with two tip sections goes for $150.”

Information from MidCurrent magazine: The Sudden Surge in Synthetic Bamboo by Scott Bowen