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Summer 2019

Crane Creek.  Mike Kidd and Zack Castleman, August 3, 2019.  Zack says he caught most on a, “#14 Prince nymph. I think Mike was using a #14 Fox Squirrel nymph.” and under an “Indicator but still with a tight line method. What I call my “Modified Euro” technique.”

Lake Taneycomo below the dam. Outlet 2. Mike Kidd and Harry Morgan. August 2, 2019

Lake Taneycomo below the dam. During the Expo weekend, several of our Kansas City friends did a little night fishing.  Here are some photos taken by David Cook. The fisherman in the photos is Darrell Durst.

James River, Sam Stewart, recent picture of a smallmouth from the James river. Caught on a shannons minnow.  We also caught them on game changers. Something like the fly shown in the second picture.  The third picture is from April 2019. Got into hybrids on similar flies.  This hybrid was from a little secret spot at a lake called Txxxxx Hxxx. They aren’t always cooperative but when they are…man are they fun. They are little freight trains. Doubling over an 8wt rod.


Bennett Spring, Bob Randall, 7/12/2019

Taneycomo, Dick Solomon and Mike Kidd, 7/1/2019

Mike Kidd on Taneycomo, 6/30/2019. “Caught nice fish tonight at Taney on Thin Mints.”

Rockbridge, Fred Brown and Bob Randall, 6/5/2019

Mike Kidd and Dick Solomon, 6/14/2019 at Lake Taneycomo