A good place to start.  Ron Leggins granddaughter, Nora: The fish wasn’t tagged. Darn. Then at the picnic, she didn’t want her picture taken.







The Kansas City Chapter organized the event.









 Registering derby participants. 143 anglers registered for the derby.

Three of us from Springfield camped out Friday night. Dick Solomon, John Bush, and Bob Randall.  Fred Brown joined us for breakfast Saturday morning. The weather made us rethink our camp out so we broke camp and went home Saturday afternoon. We came back Sunday… some of us.  We are blaming the Kansas City Chapter for the weather.

First tagged fish registered:

Tagged fish: Of the 100 tagged fish released, 35 were caught and registered.

Saturday picnic:  

And a Saturday business meeting:

Sunday, Tagged fish prizes were awarded and left over prizes were raffled. When David Cook drew his own raffle ticket, joking accusations of cheating were leveled.

 It required a photo of the raffle bucket to document that no improper ticket drawing was actually occurring.

David Cook estimated that 50 MTFA members attended the event.

The prizes: 

The Winners:

If you weren’t there, you missed a good time.  Thanks to the Kansas City Chapter for organizing it and doing all the hard work.