The 2017 Spring MSU Fly Fishing Class finished up this morning at Roaring River State Park. The water was high and murky. I didn’t see many fish being pulled in anywhere. Still we seemed to have a good time and students pulled together their casting/fishing skills. I forgot to bring my camera but a few photos were taken by others and forwarded to me.

Continue fly fishing.  It is a lifetime adventure.  After you’ve fished everywhere you can think of, try fly fishing in Montana for rainbows, Yellowstone Lake for lake trout, the Great Lakes for steelhead, the Appalachians for brookies, Colorado for cutthroats, Patagonia for sea trout, Tiera del Fuego for Atlantic salmon, Ireland, Scandanavia, and  New Zealand for browns, Siberia for taimen and on and on. Keep fishing and tight lines.