Text by John Bush:
On Saturday, June 10th, Harry Morgan, John Dozier, and John Bush got together to float the James River from the Delaware town access down to Shelvin Rock.

The water level was almost perfect, and the river had cleared up a lot from the rains. The temperature wasn’t bad most of the morning, but did start to warm up a little towards the end.

John Dozier brought a one man pontoon that was pretty neat and the first time I’ve seen used on a float like this.

After dropping off vehicles to pick up the kayaks/pontoon when we finished the float, we ended up leaving Delaware Town at around 9:30 AM. The day was a very relaxed float and we all managed to catch a fish or 2. John Dozier caught a goggle eye, and Harry and John both caught 1 smallmouth and 1 pumpkinseed.

This stretch of the river is very scenic with several bluffs and spots that would make for a great picture.

Towards the end, we were all starting to get a little tired from paddling and we ended up getting back to the truck at 2:40 PM. Everyone had fun.