MTFA Members

This is a reminder that the MTFA 72th Annual meeting and Derby will be next weekend; May 19-20, 2018. Kim Schultz and several other Springfield MTFA members will be in front of the Bennett Spring SP Friday evening and Saturday morning to register members and general public for the MTFA derby. The annual meeting/meal, raffle and derby prizes will be at Pavilion “A”. The dinner will be served at 6 PM Saturday evening. Please remember the Memorial Service will be at 11 AM around the MTFA Memorial Stone.

The guest speaker for Saturday evening will be Ben Havens; he is the Bennett Spring Hatchery Supervisor with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Ben will provide information to the operation of the hatchery, public outreach and Kid’s Day programs offered by the MDC for adults, children and families.

The Springfield Chapter is planning the evening meal with plenty of white bass caught for the fish fry with many side dishes and desserts. .

The nomination lists for 2019 MTFA State Council Officers are as follow:

President                     David Cook                Kansas City Chapter

1st Vice President        Greg Darlington          St. Louis Chapter

2nd Vice President       TBA                           Branson Chapter

Treasurer                     Vic Smedley               Kansas City Chapter

Secretary                     Kim Schultz                Springfield Chapter

The nominee’s for 2019 MTFA State Council is being published prior to the annual meeting for all members to consider. It should be noted at the annual meeting and before the final vote is taken other nominations will be accepted for officer positions.

In addition, the 72nd Derby Program is included with the March Pre-derby minutes. Please make a copy(s) for yourself, if not I will have a few hard copies on hand. Please forward email to your members planning on attending the derby and meeting.