THE SECRET IS OUT by Dennis Stead

The Top Secret Midge designed by Pat Dorsey is a fly that catches trout.  John Bush has fished this fly in many of our Missouri Trout Streams.  It is one of his favorite fly.

The Top Secret part of this fly is the wing material.  In Pat Dorsey’s book Tying & Fishing Tailwater Flies, page 23, is his details and recipe for the Top Secret Midge.  Glamour Madeira No. 8 color Col 2400 Prism White is the secret material used for wing material.  Throughout the book, Pat used this material for wings on other flies.

The material is an embroidery thread made in Germany and is not an easy one to find.   It is a thick thread and cannot be used in a lot of embroidery machines.  The colors are bright and it reminds me of diamond Braid.  If you can get a spool, you will be using it for a lot of applications in fly ting.   This Glamour Madeira No. 8 thread is special.

The picture below is of the top and bottom of a spool of 2400 Prism White. The left picture will give you an idea of the thread count.  As you can see, there are 6 Metallic threads and over 30 white threads.

I have tried using other substitutes for the Madeira, like Kreinik Metallics.  Very fine #4 braid was too small in diameter and Fine #8 braid was still not as thick enough as the Glamour Madeira No. 8.  The cost per spool for the Kreinik is $3.95 and you only got 11m or 36 feet of braid.  I even purchase Coats & Clark Metallic which is very thin.  I thought I could over lap it.  It cost over $10.00 but you got 548 m or 1800 feet of thread.  I found that this was a great replacement for the white ribbing on the Top Secret Midge.

Larry Wegmann’s article on Midges,, shows the gills on the head and sometimes on the tail.  This Madeira 2400 Prism White is great for that.

The above were my original gills but after the last presentation on Midges by Larry Wegmann, Larry talked about the gills being on the sides and that air bubbles develop.  So, thus the change on the way I tie the Madeira gills on.

It can be used for tying parachutes on flies and it can also be a tail.  It can be combined with other materials to give the body strength and flash.

Can’t see your Griffin Gnat; just add a little Madeira and this will help you to see your fly.   Want some good looking legs?  Just color the Madeira with a black Sharpie and you have legs.  You can also use the Madeira 2470 Black.

You can easily color the Madeira 2400 Prism White with any color sharpie.  But then any Diamond thread or braid can be colored.

You can even color the fly after tying it on the hook.   A lime and bronze Sharpie was used to color the flies Green and Rusty..

Better yet, buy some of the other colors in the Glamour Madeira No. 8 threads.  The Green is Glamour Green 2452 and the Rusty brown is Mahogany 2427.

Below I used Madeira Green 2452 for a flash in the Marabou and added Madeira Peacock 2470 to the peacock Herl for the body.

Where can you get this Glamour Madeira No. 8 Col 2400 Prism White and some of the other Madeira colors?  Check out this web site.

Peak Fly Shop is selling the thread in 5 foot lengths $2.25 per bag.  A 5 foot piece will last a long time and you have a minimum investment plus they off 5 colors.

But if you want a full spool you might find it for sale on EBay like some of the following I found.  With Freight, your cost will be well over $10.00

I also found a web site that is selling Glamour Madeira No. 8 but does not have the most important number 2400 – Prism White.  They ship Fedx ground and it looks like the current price is $6.49 per spool plus freight.   Your price will be over $7.00 depending on how many you might buy.

I found another site on the internet that is only selling three colors of the Madeira No. 8.  They are white 2400, Pink 2413, and Green 2452.  If you buy one of each color and ship the most inexpensive way, it will cost you $21.82 or $7.27 per spool.

If you are lucky, you might find a Sewing Shop that carries Madeira thread.  And if they do not stock the Glamour Madeira No. 8 Col 2400 Prism White, they might order it for you.  My wife a sewer/embroiderer has been a customer for many years of B-Sew Inn, 1602 E. Republic Road A, Springfield, MO 65804, 417-882-7171 who is a Madeira Dealer.  So naturally when I was looking for Madeira thread I went there.  They do not stock the Glamour Madeira No. 8 threads but Karen has been able to find me a spool now and then.  The Glamour Madeira No. 8 threads are not a big seller and they might stop manufacturing it in the future.

Currently, Karen will order a box of 5, single color, assuming that Madeira is still manufacturing it.  And yes, you must buy the box of 5.  She does not stock that thread.  Karen said in the past she has ordered it for other tiers and the three colors she has ordered was 2400 Prism White, 2452 Glamour Green and 2570 Peacock.

I am trying to get a spool of each color if I can.   I have purchased 5 spools to the 2400 Prism White and kept one spool for myself and have sold the other 4 spools.  To have a spool of each color would be great but there are seven colors to have in your fly tying materials.  They are 2400 – Prism White (white), 2452 – Glamour Green (Green), 2470 – Black Pearl (Black), 2427 – Mahogany (Black/Copper), 2413 – R0se (Pink/White), 2412 – Amethyst (Dark Purple), and 2570 – Peacock (Black/Pink/Turquoise/Gold).

So, just find 4 fly fishing buddies that like to tie flies with Glamour Madeira No. 8 thread and buy a box from B-Sew Inn.  The cost per spool is $6.49 and with tax you will be at $7.00 spool.  A box of 5 spools, single color will be $35.00.  I have and will continue buy my Glamour Madeira No. 8 thread from B-Sew Inn.  Check with me first if you are looking for a spool.  I just might have an extra one, and you can buy it for $7.00.

The following is a color chart for the Glamour Madeira No. 8 Threads.  They have some great colors for fly tying and then you do not have to use a Sharpie to color them.

You have seen what can be done with the Prism White, and the Glamour Green is a perfect midge color.  The Black Pearl will make great legs and the Mahogany would work well for the Root Beer Midge or the Rusty midge.


The No. 8 series of threads are all as thick and as many strands as we have come to know using the 2400 Prism White.  They have 25 color threads available.  2590 Mermaid is missing because I could not get a nice clear representation of the color.     The first seven colors would all work well with the flies we tie (2400, 2452, 2470 2427, 2413, 2412, and 2570).

2400 Prism White              2452 Glamour Green    2470 Black Pearl          2427 Mahogany           2413 Rose    White                                  Green                                     Black                            Black/Copper                        Pink   (98042400)                        (98042452)                   (98042470)                   (98042427)                    (98042413)

2412 Amethyst                2570 Peacock                2582 Copper                    2415 Ruby                    2411 Orchid               Dark Purple                     Blk/Pink/Turq/Gold         Blk/Copper/Gold              Red                               Purple  (98042412)                      (98042570)                    (98042562)                      (98042415)                   (98042411)

2423 Gold Dust                  2424 Tan Gold              2428 Ebony                     2433 Sky Blue           2438 Sapphire Gold/Silver/White               Gold                              Choco/Brown                   Ice Blue                     Dark Blue     (98042423)                        (98042424)                    (98042428)                      (98042433)               (98042438)

2442 Silver                      2458 Emerald                   2465 Turquoise               2500 Prism Black      2551 Antique GoldSilver                               Dark Green                       Sea Foam                       Green/Multi              Black Gold (98042442)                     (98042458)                        (98042465)                     (98042500)                    (98042551)


2560 Antique Sliver          2571 Soft Ice                 2584 Brocade                 2585 Chameleon            2590 Mermaid Black/Silver                      Multi/Pastels                   Black/Silver/Gold        Multi/Pink/Yellow/      Multi/Pink Yellow/ (98042560)                      (98042571)                     (98042584)                     Green/Blue/Silver         Green/Blue/Silver                                                                                                                                       (98042585)                    (98042590)

If you would a copy of this report in pdf format downloaded to you phone or computer, click on the link below.