Nylon Material

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Nylon is a strong, lightweight, thin, single continuous fiber and does not absorb water.  It is a great material for fly tying but

you will have to search for it in other places than your local fly shop.  Once you find it, you are going to have to take a little time and effort getting it ready to use.  It would be nice if they sold 100% Nylon as a yarn.  They may have done that in the past but every yarn that I have seen with Nylon is 50% or less.  Check in your wife’s knitting for some old yarn.  She might have some.

Here is what I have done.  Hope it is helpful.

I found 100% Nylon Thread (it looks like cord) at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.  Wal-Mart had the tan color and it was about $4.00.  Hobby Lobby had the multi-color for about $7.00.  I made up some sample packages that Harry Morgan gave out at the last Branson meeting.   Hope you picked up a package.   And I will make some packages up for our next Springfield meeting.

This thread has three plies.  Cut and separate the plies.  Then with a pin or Bobkin, carefully separate the fibers.  Once the Nylon fibers are separated, comb them out with a wire brush.

They have a little twist in them from the winding process.  If you are satisfied, start using the Nylon materials.  I would like the Nylon to be straight, so using my wife’s’ hair straightening tool, (DO NOT TELL HER) which I also use for feathers, I get the Nylon straight.  Ready to tie.