We teach three basic knots in the MSU class: the Perfection Loop, the Surgeon’s Knot, and the Improved Clinch Knot.  They are explained below.  We have also added some other beneficial knots which can substitute for these knots: the Davy Knot, the Blood Knot, the Nail Knot, and the J Knot .

Perfection loop is used to combine two loop knots, for instance, attaching the line to the leader.  By using a loop to loop connection, you can change leaders quickly and easily.

Surgeon’s knot is used to tie two lines together as in tying leader and tippet material together.

Improved clinch knot is a good knot to attach the hook or fly to the tippet.  See other knots below.

Other good, useful knots:

Davy Knot is a quick, strong knot to attach flies to the tippet.  It seems to work best in small tippet and small flies.

Blood Knot is great for tying two lines of similar size together.

The Nail Knot is used for attaching a leader to the fly line.  A disadvantage is that you cannot change leaders quickly.  However, by tying a short piece of a strong leader to the line with a nail knot and then tying a perfection loop to the end of that short piece, you can attach your leader using a loop to loop connection.

The J Knot is in all probability the strongest leader to tippet knot. It starts out similar to the Surgeon’s Knot but the wraps alternate.

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